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Airradio A2SE

  • PM2.5 Range: 0~500ug/m3(PM2.5 Precision ≤±10%)
  • PM10 Range: 0~500ug/m3(PM10 Precision ≤±10%)
  • Temperature Range: -20~70℃(Temperature Precision:≤±2℃)
  • Humidity Range: 0~100%RH(Humidity Precision: ≤±5%)
  • Power Supply: DC5V/1A 800mAh
  • Weight: 60g

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Air Quality Monitor Laser PM2.5 Detector tester Gas monitor Temperature humidity
AirRadio is a universal swich for your smart home system to remote or automate turn on/off other electrical devices. To work with the AirRadio environmental monitoring device, AirRadio becomes smarter.
Real-time temperature(0-100℃) and humidity(%)
Light level: dusky, normal, bright
Air quality: good, moderate, unhealthy
Sound level: quiet, normal, noisy
Support smart scene to trigger ON/OFF of another smart home device
Environmental Monitoring–Monitor current temperature, humidity, light intensity, air quality, and sound levels
App Support –Free iOS and Android mobile App AirRadio
Trigger Smart Scene –The environmental values work as smart scene trigger conditions to trigger on/off other AirRadio devices
High precision PM2.5 laser sensor; Accurate and stable algorithm with self-owned intellectual property patent;
Multi-color strip lights indicating the air quality levels;
App, WeChat remote monitoring, intelligent interactive control;
Support WIFI / Bluetooth communication.
PM2.5 Range: 0~500ug/m3 (PM2.5 Precision ≤±10%)
PM10 Range: 0~500ug/m3 (PM10 Precision ≤±10%)
Temperature Range: -20~70°C (Temperature Precision: ≤±2°C)
Humidity Range: 0~100%RH (Humidity Precision: ≤±5%)
Power Supply: DC5V/1A 800mAh
Weight: 60g
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