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Combustible Gas Detector JL-881

  • Resolution:50ppm
  • Alarm range:5%LEL-20%LEL
  • Operating temperature:0-55℃
  • Relative humidity:≤95% to avoid condensation
  • Warm up time: 10 seconds
  • Response time: ≤2seconds(5%LEL, Lower Explosive Limit)

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JL-881 Combustible Gas Detector has a high-performance semiconductor gas sensor with excellent sensitivity, used for detection of leaking combustible gases such as natural gas or propane in households, factories, hotels, apartments and other areas where gas leak localization is desired.
2.Alarm range:5%LEL-20%LEL
3.Operating temperature:0-55℃
4.Relative humidity:≤95% to avoid condensation
5.Warm up time: 10 seconds
6.Response time: ≤2seconds(5%LEL, Lower Explosive Limit)
7.Gas indication: Visual:6 red LEDs, Audible: variable speed ticking
8.Power:3X1.5V AAA battery
9.Battery life: approximately 2 hours of continuous operation under normal usage conditions
10.Weight: 8.9oz(240g) (without batteries)
12.Housing material: ABS plastic
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