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About Hanwei

Hanwei Electronics Group Corporation(Stock no.:300007) founded in 1998, is a trustworthy innovative technology company, and the largest gas sensors and instruments manufacturer in China and listed on China’s Growth Enterprise Board in the first batch, devoting ourselves to promise a safe, environmental friendly, healthy and smart working and living environment. Based on IOT industry, Hanwei Electronics will combine sensors, intelligent terminals, communication technology, cloud computing and geographic information IOT technology together closely to create Hanwei cloud so as to establish a complete IOT industry chain. Hanwei Electronics focuses on the customer value oriented, provide perfect solutions for smart city, production safety, environmental protection, health of the people's livelihood.


About Weiguo

Henan Weiguo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, is an innovative technology company in China and is the pillar enterprise of the healthy home business division of Hanwei Electronics (stock number: 300007). Focusing on the complete chain of design, R&D, production and sales of “AirRadio”air quality products, we strive to supply air health service for the human beings in the world.


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